• Dženeta interviewed by igrac: “Plitvice, natural treasure becomes victim of its own success”
    Our regulate researcher Dženeta Hodžić was interviewed by igrac in light of world toilet day 2023. Read the full article entitled “Plitvice, natural treasure becomes victim of its own success”.
  • Regulate researchers at the German Congress for Geography (DKG) 2023
    The “German Congress for Geography (DKG)” took place in Frankfurt am Main, September 19-23. Almost the entire regulate-team participated with various contributions. A particular highlight was the lightning session “Groundwater Geographies” chaired by the regulate-team.
  • New ISOE Discussion Paper
    Our colleagues David Kuhn, Fanny Frick-Trzebitzky et al. recently published a new ISOE discussion paper on the conceptualisation of the non-human, for example animals, forests or water, in the context of environmental conflicts.
  • New Paper: Adaptive governance as bricolage
    Drawing from research on municipal water supply in Accra (Ghana) and Mansfeld-Südharz (Germany), Fanny Frick-Trzebitzky et al. demonstrate the usefulness of bricolage thinking for a more grounded and power-sensitive analysis of adaptive water governance.
  • Regulate master student received Frankfurt Prize for Environment and Sustainability 2023
    We congratulate one of regulate’s master students, Sofia Redeker, for receiving the Frankfurt Prize for Environment and Sustainability 2023.
  • Opening talk at the Summer Academy “Act Green” on June 19
    Next Monday, June 19, Robert will give the opening talk at the Summer Academy “Act Green – Water: Responsible use of a scarce resource”, organised by “Katholische Akademie die Wolfsburg”.
  • Call for abstracts: ‘Groundwater Geographies’ session at DKG 2023
    The regulate-team is going to chair a session on “Groundwater Geographies: (in)visible flows, (un)traceable past, (un)certain future” at Deutscher Kongress für Geographie 2023 in Frankfurt am Main. The session welcomes interdisciplinary contributions that explore the multiple dimensions of groundwater.
  • ISOE-Blog Post: Groundwater messages to the UN – from (in)visibility to envisioning
    In the new ISOE Blog Post, Fanny and Robert reflect on the UN Groundwater Summit, which took place in Paris in December 2022, and provide a perspective on the Water Action Agenda, an outcome of the 2023 UN Water Conference.
  • Public lecture on current and future societal water demand I 25.01.2023
    Robert was invited to give a public lecture on January 25, as part of the lecture series “Limited Resources – Consumption, Use, Protection” organized by the ‘Frankfurter Geographische Gesellschaft (FGG)’. He will talk about current and future water availability and societal water demand in context of climate change and other socio-political dynamics.
  • Team Retreat in Landau, Germany
    Recently, the entire ‘regulate’ team was able to have a first in-person meeting since over a year. Three days of updating on current project status, case study progress and individual research.
  • ‘regulate’ at Groundwater Summit Conference 2022
    Fanny and Robert will join the UN-Water Summit on Groundwater in Paris and give an input on December 6th. They will talk about telecoupling effects on groundwater, mainly related to our case-studies in Germany and Croatia.
  • Call for abstracts: Socio-Hydrology session at EGU 2023
    Linda and collegues are going to chair a session on “Socio-Hydrology: fostering transdisciplinarity in groundwater sciences” at the general assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2023 in Vienna. The session welcomes contributions around transdisciplinarity and groundwater research.
  • Contribution to AGU Fall Meeting 2022
    Robert will represent the ‘regulate’ project at the AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting 2022 on December 16th, with a poster discussion on Groundwater in Telecoupled Social-Ecological Systems.
  • Fanny and Robert in conversation with Deutschlandfunk
    Along with other water experts, Fanny and Robert spoke with Deutschlandfunk about possible solutions to address future water crises.
  • Robert interviewed by Frankfurter Rundschau
    Robert talks about drought, groundwater and sustainable water reuse in an interview with Frankfurter Rundschau.
  • 2nd stakeholder Workshop in Rijeka, Croatia
    This Friday, September 30th, regulate researchers will conduct the 2nd stakeholder workshop in Rijeka, Croatia. This is part of a larger trandisciplinary research process in this case study.
  • ISOE – online event: “Wo ist das Wasser? – Wege aus der Wasserkrise” I 20.09.22
    Fanny and Robert will talk about ways humans affect the natural water cycle and will give recommendations for sustainable (ground)water management under climate change scenarios in Germany and Europe.
  • International conferencing
    During the past few weeks, regulate researchers were speaking at two international conferences.
  • Regulate represented in the EWA yearbook
    Fanny introduces ‘regulate’ project in the EWA yearbook 2022 as one “European Highlight”.
  • New article: Anthropogenic Pressures on Groundwater
    In the new article Fanny, Robert and Linda are exploring the various pressures humans put on groundwater and discussing how human-groundwater interactions could be shaped more sustainably.
  • World Water Day 2022
    The United Nations has declared ‘Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible’ its theme for World Water Day on 22 March 2022. This is because policies and decision-makers have paid little attention to the global groundwater problem thus far. Read more about Groundwater as an invisible resource and (non-) visible problems
  • Exploratory trip to Spain
    A brief overview of David’s various locations during his exploratory trip to Spain in November as well as his impressions of potential local conflicts around (ground) water.
  • A week of conferences
    During the week of September 6th-10th, regulate researchers will participate in several conferences on (ground) water. At these, they will present the regulate research approach.
  • ISOE – Blog Post: Groundwater: De-localized Resources in the Anthropocene
    On the ISOE-blog, Robert and Fanny provide an insight into the importance of the telecoupling concept in groundwater research. Additionally they present the research mode of the “regulate” project.
  • ISOE – Blog Post: Renewable energy at any price? Research Insights from Bosnia and Herzegovina
    In the new ISOE blog called “Social Ecology. Crisis – Critique – Design”, Dženeta provides some research insights from her ethnographic fieldwork on renewable energy infrastructuring practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Waterworlding at the University of Marburg
    At the Waterworlding Conference, Dženeta presented on subterranean waterworlding in the border region of Croatia and Bosnia. Afterwards Fanny and Dženeta moderated sessions in the international symposium bringing together social and cultural water studies.
  • First in-person meeting of the regulate team
    Last week, we could finally meet all together in person. We used this day to reflect on the first months of the project and to work on various team products.
  • ISOE Event ‘Meet the Scientist’
    In the event ‘Meet the Scientist’ on June 23, 2021 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., ISOE scientists Robert and Stefan will present current results from water research in conversation with citizens.
  • BUND Webinar
    Robert gave a talk on groundwater resources for BUND Saarland on April 13th 2021. The topic was, how climate change and societal demands potentially lead to conflict situations over groundwater resources among stakeholders.
  • Regulate on Twitter!
    From now on regulate is active on Twitter. Follow us to stay up to date.
  • Robert interviewed by RadioEins: How groundwater is faring
    On the occasion of World Water Day, Robert talks about the state of our groundwater in an interview with radioeins.
  • Fanny interviewed by Perspective Daily: Valuing Groundwater
    On valuing groundwater: in an interview with PDmedien Fanny talks about key issues and how regulate intends to tackle them.
  • Dženeta received THESys-Award 2020 for her Masterthesis
    We congratulate one of regulate’s doctoral researchers, Dženeta Hodžić, for receiving the 2nd prize of the THESys award for her Master thesis!
  • Practice Advisory Board established!
    We are happy to announce that regulate’s Practice Advisory Board (PAB) came together in late January to hold it’s first constituent meeting!
  • DBU Online Salon: Groundwater challenges
    The German Federal Environmental Foundation held an online meeting on groundwater challenges and Robert and Hans Jürgen joined the panel.
  • Project team completed by November 1st!
    By November 1st, the regulate team was completed and we had our first 3-day virtual retreat to pave the way for the next 5 years of groundwater research.
  • regulate project on TV 26.10.2020
    Robert was invited to the German TV show ‘alle wetter’ to talk about conflicts around groundwater under current drought conditions.
  • GeoERA Webinar Series 09.-13.11.2020
    The research network GeoERA is holding a series of webinars towards a Geological Service for Europe in early November.
  • Drought Dialog of the Green’s Parliamentary group
    The parliamentary group Alliance90/The Greens held a drought dialog and Fanny provided an input on sustainable water management.
  • Project finally launched September 2020
    We are happy to announce that the junior research group ‘regulate’ was finally launched in early September and we are thrilled to start working!