Call for abstracts: Socio-Hydrology session at EGU 2023

Linda and collegues are going to chair a session on “Socio-Hydrology: fostering transdisciplinarity in groundwater sciences” at the general assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2023 in Vienna. The session welcomes contributions around transdisciplinarity and groundwater research.

Socio-hydrogeology has been proposed as an effective approach to addressing complex groundwater-related issues in a more holistic and integrated manner. By focusing on the reciprocity between humans and groundwater, it aims to explore and understand their dynamic interactions with a final goal of developing transdisciplinary solutions for transdisciplinary problems. Due to the more “personal” (i.e., individual household/community suppliy) and local nature of groundwater in many instances, socio-hydrogeology seeks to understand individuals and communities as a primary source, pathway and receptor for potable groundwater supplies, including the role of local knowledge, beliefs, risk perception, tradition/history, and consumption.

Find further information on the session and submission process here.
The EGU general assembly 2023 will take place in Vienna, Austria and online from 23rd – 28th of April 2023. Find more information on the EGU 2023 here.