Focal Areas


How do long-distance societal processes affect groundwater bodies?

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Why is it important to understand groundwater as ecosystems?

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How can uncertain knowledge be integrated in groundwater management?

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How fair are groundwater resources distributed socially and spatially?

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How do we conceptualize and manage groundwater sustainably?

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2nd stakeholder Workshop in Rijeka, Croatia

This Friday, September 30th, regulate researchers will conduct the 2nd stakeholder workshop in Rijeka, Croatia. This is part of a...
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ISOE – online event: “Wo ist das Wasser? – Wege aus der Wasserkrise” I 20.09.22

Fanny and Robert will talk about ways humans affect the natural water cycle and will give recommendations for sustainable (ground)water...
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International conferencing

During the past few weeks, regulate researchers were speaking at two international conferences.
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Regulate represented in the EWA yearbook

Fanny introduces our project in the EWA yearbook 2022 as one "European Highlight".
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New article: Anthropogenic Pressures on Groundwater

In the new article Fanny, Robert and Linda are exploring the various pressures humans put on groundwater and discussing how...
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Finally, our @regulateproject case study *Albacete/Spain* can be found on our website:

In the next months and years we will explore the impacts of spatially and temporally distant dynamics on local groundwater conflicts 🧐

Verbote für Wasserentnahmen, Niedrigwasser in Flüssen und Wälder die unter der Wasserknappheit ächzen – Es braucht es neue Ansätze, um unsere Wasserversorgung widerstandsfähiger zu machen. /fsc

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