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How do long-distance societal processes affect groundwater bodies?

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Why is it important to understand groundwater as ecosystems?

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How can uncertain knowledge be integrated in groundwater management?

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How fair are groundwater resources distributed socially and spatially?

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How do we conceptualize and manage groundwater sustainably?

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Call for abstracts: ‘Groundwater Geographies’ session at DKG 2023

The regulate-team is going to chair a session on "Groundwater Geographies: (in)visible flows, (un)traceable past, (un)certain future" at Deutscher Kongress...
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ISOE-Blog Post: Groundwater messages to the UN – from (in)visibility to envisioning

In the new ISOE Blog Post, Fanny and Robert reflect on the UN Groundwater Summit, which took place in Paris...
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Public lecture on current and future societal water demand I 25.01.2023

Robert was invited to give a public lecture on January 25, as part of the lecture series "Limited Resources -...
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Team Retreat in Landau, Germany

Recently, the entire 'regulate' team was able to have a first in-person meeting since over a year. Three days of...
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‘regulate’ at Groundwater Summit Conference 2022

Fanny and Robert will join the UN-Water Summit on Groundwater in Paris and give an input on December 6th. They...
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Some visual impressions from la Mancha Oriental - a region in Spain named after an enormous aquifer that is deeply connected to society, nature, politics and agriculture here.

We already had various super interesting interviews with exclusively nice and helpful people.


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