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How do long-distance societal processes affect groundwater bodies?

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Why is it important to understand groundwater as ecosystems?

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How can uncertain knowledge be integrated in groundwater management?

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How fair are groundwater resources distributed socially and spatially?

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How do we conceptualize and manage groundwater sustainably?

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‘regulate’ at Groundwater Summit Conference 2022

Fanny and Robert will join the UN-Water Summit on Groundwater in Paris and give an input on December 6th. They...
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Call for abstracts: Socio-Hydrology session at EGU 2023

Linda and collegues are going to chair a session on "Socio-Hydrology: fostering transdisciplinarity in groundwater sciences" at the general assembly...
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Contribution to AGU Fall Meeting 2022

Robert will represent the 'regulate' project at the AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting 2022 on December 16th, with a...
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Fanny and Robert in conversation with Deutschlandfunk

Along with other water experts, Fanny and Robert spoke with Deutschlandfunk about possible solutions to address future water crises.
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Robert interviewed by Frankfurter Rundschau

Robert talks about drought, groundwater and sustainable water reuse in an interview with Frankfurter Rundschau.
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Europe’s water crisis is much worse than we thought // @GWSummit2022 #GWSummit22 #MakeGroundwaterVisible via @NatGeo

Have you missed any of yesterday’s side events? The recordings, as well as the #livestream for today and tomorrow, are now available on our website: #GWSummit22 #MakeInvisibleVisible @unescoWATER @UNIGRAC @UN_Water #groundwater

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