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How do long-distance societal processes affect groundwater bodies?

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Why is it important to understand groundwater as ecosystems?

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How can uncertain knolwedge be integrated in groundwater management?

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How fair are groundwater resources distributed socially and spatially?

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How do we conceptualize and manage groundwater sustainably?

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A week of conferences

During the week of September 6th-10th, regulate researchers will participate in several conferences on (ground) water. At these, they will...
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ISOE – Blog Post: Groundwater: De-localized Resources in the Anthropocene

On the ISOE-blog, Robert and Fanny provide an insight into the importance of the telecoupling concept in groundwater research. Additionally...
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ISOE – Blog Post: Renewable energy at any price? Research Insights from Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the new ISOE blog called "Social Ecology. Crisis - Critique - Design", Dženeta provides some research insights from her...
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Waterworlding at the University of Marburg

At the Waterworlding Conference, Dženeta presented on subterranean waterworlding in the border region of Croatia and Bosnia. Afterwards Fanny and...
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First in-person meeting of the regulate team

Last week, we could finally meet all together in person. We used this day to reflect on the first months...
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regulate paper No. 1 is out!

"Telecoupled Groundwaters: New Ways to Investigate Increasingly De-Localized Resources"

Open Access ⬇️

special thanks to @TFrommen and @biralnas for editing this issue on groundwater-society relations! #sociohydrogeology

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