‘regulate’ at Groundwater Summit Conference 2022

The upcoming UN-Water Summit on Groundwater will be the final event of the 2022 campaign ‘Groundwater: making the invisible visible’. It is a preparatory meeting for policy and decision makers on the way towards the UN-Water Conference in New York, held in March 2023. The conference will take place from 7-8 December in Paris, with Pre-Summit Events on December 6th. For more information, click here.

Fanny and Robert will join the Paris meeting and make an input on telecoupling effects on groundwater. Both our major case studies – Germany and Croatia – will play a central role in their input. In Germany, long-distance water transfer schemes create telecouplings that are often considered a solution to local (ground-)water problems. In Croatia, on the other hand, the “flow” of incoming international tourists is creating a critical challenge for a sustainable drinking water supply. Fanny and Robert will contrast both cases and provide ideas for targeted governance strategies. The input will be part of the side Event ‘How groundwater changes lives’, a collaborative interactive sub-session coordinated by the IAH socio-hydrogeology group. Find more information on the session here.